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Product Name:Home & Office [CPO]
Product Code:TRM-NIF-1-IEC-AV-BU+PE
Price:RM 208.00

Product description:

The 3-sided Trinity Tower CLLI was designed to minimize the footprint of plugs and wires via a unique stacking system, providing a cleaner and tidier outlook.
It can be made up of one to 3-levels: TRM-BU or TRM-PE at the base + TRM-EP(of any combination) in the middle + TRM-OTO on top as an organizer-tray!

10A (Max)

Package includes:
1x TRM-CLLI with 2-Outlets for PLC-friendly clean-power with IEC-14 receptical for use with any IEC-13 cable as power source and a Feed-through Module.

Suitable for:
This version is suitable for equipment-setup (like cable-TV / Pay-per-view) connected to phone-line, TV-antenna, Satellite-disk & to power-line only.  

The internally linked filtered Analog output RJ-11 can be used for FAX or Cordless-phone.

*The total CPO (clean-power outlet) limit is 10A.
*A power-strip may be added to the CPO, provided the total current does not exceed 10A.
*Any power-supply cable with IEC-13 can be used for Power-source

TRM-NIF-1-IEC-AV-BU+PE-Home & Office [CPO]
Price: RM 208.00
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