Portfolio & References

CLLI have been successfully implemented for PLUS at many of their Toll Plaza's CCTV Surveillance System sites including the following:-
- Kota Damansara                       - Seremban
- Sungai Rasau                            - Senawang
- Setia Alam                                 - Johor Bahru
- Subang Jaya


CLLI have been successfully implemented for most (if not all) types of equipment within Taiping Medical Center including the following:-
- Medical equipment including ECG equipment, ICU equipment, Labour room equipment, Operation Room equipment, Incubator equipment, etc
- Networking/Server equipment
- Nurse call-bell system
- Keyphone system & car-park system


Petronas Research Center in Bangi requires optimum continuous operation of all its equipment to facilitate its high level Research & Development.

Thats why, 600 of their PABX/Keyphone extensions are protected by CLLI to ensure minimum downtime and maximum continual operation

CLLI have been deployed in many of Sime Darby Plantation's Palm Oil Facilities nationwide.

Most of Sime Darby Plantation's Palm Oil Facilities are equipped with expensive ICT/Communication equipment, which are protection by CLLI.
Security surveillance is of primary concern for Felda's Palm Oil Facilities.

Which is why most Felda Palm Oil Facilities are equipped with CCTV surveillance systems.

CLLI have been successfully implemented to protect these sensitive surveillance systems & to minimize downtime.
Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd values both qualitiy and eco-friendly products.

That is why each Panasonic TV in Malaysia is equipped with a Cal-Lab "Lightning Sheet" (endorsed by Panasonic Japan), before they are distributed to their respective resellers nationwide.
Courts Malaysia have been promoting several CLLI models in their 50+ outlets nationwide for almost 10 years.

Courts recognizes that CLLI not only serves as a quality product from Cal-Lab, it also serves to boost bottom line & sales margin even during challenging economic situations.
As one of the nations leading hardware chain stores nationwide, ACE Hardware recognizes the importance of recommending only top notch products to it's customers.

This includes various CLLI models being displayed at ACE's 10+ oulets nationwide.

Continual operation of Damacai's outlets (especially its ICT/IT equipment) are imperative to ensure excellent customer service in a very competitive industry, which is why CLLI has been integrated into Damacai outlets nationwide, providing both peace of mind to Damacai, and satisfaction to its customers.

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