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Our CLLI do not operate like Surge-protectors or Arrestors:
  • CLLI will convert each SETUP into a SAFE-island – we put an imaginary circle around all the equipment in each SETUP / any cable crossing this imaginary-circle is considered a Point-of-Danger (PoD) / but, a cable between equipment within this SETUP is not a PoD.

  • A SETUP-location = a group of INTER-connected EQUIPMENT at one location

  • Two or more SETUP-locations make up a NETWORK.

  • A SAFE-island can only be safe when every PoD is correctly ISOLATED.

How can we help?
  • We believe we are in a very good position to help you –but only if we know enough about your needs, equipment-types in each SETUP-location & what external connections or Points-of-Danger (PoD) each SETUP is connected to or from. And, no two setups are the same – each SETUP-location is unique!

  • Hence, we hope you will forgive us for asking you to answer 3-questions (found in 1, 2 & 3 below) by using the boxes provided on the right-side. TQ!

What can you tell us?

To help you, we need to know what CLLI to use & how you can install.

So please tell us more about your equipment setups –1-setup at a time:

  1. How many SETUP-locations do you wish to protect?

  2. What equipment do you have in each SETUP-location?

  3. What PoD do you find in each SETUP-location?

For example: If you have 4-SETUPS you wish to be protected, your info provided will look like the sample below:

Your particulars:







Details about your SETUPS – fill 1-setup at a time, please!

Thank you for taking the time to make accurate info-details available.

It will help us to provide effective solutions, where possible.

Note: Please do not tell some & leave out others – everything is important!


What SETUP & where is it located

Name ALL the equipment in this SETUP

Name ALL external connections & types (PoD) & to/from where?






Note or any info you might wish to tell us:

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