Powerline-Ace (aka PLC-Friendly CLLI)

1) What is Powerline-Ace?
  • Powerline-Ace (aka Surestreamer as seen on Facebook ) is Cal-Lab's latest product range for Powerline-Adapters/Power Networking
  • In short, Powerline-Ace is an add-on, innovative interface that ensures your Powerline-Adapters will perform at their best.

2) Why is Powerline-Ace innovative? Aren't there many Powerline-Noise-Filters already available in the market
  • Powerline-Ace is MORE than just a Powerline-Noise-Filter. It is an innovative interface because it is not only a noise filter with surge protector, but also a performance booster. Proof of concept can be seen below:-

3) How does Powerline-Ace ensure best Powerline-Adapter/Networking performance?
  • Powerline-Ace ensures best performance by providing designated outlets for specific purposes, which enables sharing power from 1 wall outlet.

4) How good can Powerline-Adapters be at its best?
  • In our real-life field tests, we have recorded 80% of the advertised transfer rate (160/200Mbps on HomePlug-AV) with Powerline-Ace.

5) Are there any proof of concept / real-life field test results?

  • Most certainly. You may find video results of several renown Powerline-Adapter brands, in real-life situations below:-
See how Powerline-Ace empowers Aztech Gigablit Powerline-Adapters

See how Powerline-Ace empowers WD Livewire

See how Powerline-Ace empowers HD-PLC adapters

6) Where can I buy Powerline-Ace?
  • Powerline-Ace has not been launched yet. We're currently in our pre-launching phase, and its expected to launch towards the end of 2012.
  • Having said that, we're currently identifying test/pilot projects in Malaysia/Singapore for our pre-launching phase. The test period is usually for a period of 30-days. You may find an independent & unsolicited review of one of our Pilot Projects HERE
  • Should you be interested in participating in our pilot projects, kindly send us an email at callabkl@gmail.com with the following completed documents:-
i) Customer Form (download HERE) - for us to identify your Powerline-Networking setup
ii) Customer Experience Form (download HERE) - for us to understand the problems faced within your Powerline-Networking setup

For complete terms & conditions of use of our products and services, kindly refer to our parent company's website at www.cal-lab.com
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