CLLI vs common arrestors

Cal-Lab Lightning Isolators (CLLI)
Common Surge Protection Devices/Arrestors
What's New?
  • CLLI does not attempt to arrest lightning, like common SPDs do
  • It's Safe technology, considered new & viable, was granted a USA patent
  • Common SPDs employs a 50-year old technology

  • which attempts to arrest lightning from each source, making it impossible to effectively protect you and your equipment

Technology deployed?
  • USA patented Safe Island concept 
  • Safe Island concept - predetermined weak-link-components will give way to ISOLATE & prevent powerful lightning surges from reaching equipment & user
  • A vast difference from an ineffective attempt to arrest lightning
Max surge protection limit?
  • No surge limit

  • Each CLLI is uniquely designed to isolate at designated surge levels

  • leaving lightning surge of any magnitude isolated from equipment & user

  • Depending on type and make, but there’s ALWAYS a surge limit
How effective?
  • 100% effective since 1995 for BOTH users and equipment
  • after selling more than 1,000,000 units - NO record of equipment damage
  • Safe ONLY within the surge limit

  • No warning as to when it will fail.

  • Extremely affordable.

  • Depending on brand, can reach RM100s even RM1,000s
Any guarantee?
  • No.

  •  "Assurance” from 3rd party Insurance is offered

  • but consider this - why buy any SPD, if you still need Insurance, knowing that it may not work?

  • Yes.

  • Because Cal-Lab's Safe Island technology keeps equipment safe, which means less dumping of damaged equipment to landfills

  • LLSWA uses only what is absolutely necessary to reuse/restore a lightning damaged CLLI to a perfectly healthy one. This means, unnecessary use of raw materials

  • No.
  • Equipment can sustain damages + damaged arrestors/SPDs are not reused/restored
Equipment downtime?
  • Minimum.
  • With Cal-Lab's LLSWA, immediate CLLI replacements cuts downtime operation to a minimum
  • Depending on brand, downtime can stretch from weeks, even months, as insurance companies step into the picture

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